Buddha Hut Retreat

Rent The Buddha Hut for $55 per night.

A handcrafted hut in a clearing in the woods. The Buddha Hut is located near the Romantic Yurt with Bath House and the Buddha Tipi on a dead-end street in Palenville NY. It has a unique outhouse.

• Very tranquil and grounded.

• A superb place to connect with the rhythms of nature.

• Very sparse and off grid.

Lucky is the traveller who stops at this spot, for a little while!!!


Photos: Courtesy of Photographer Alex Dvoryadkin

Near the
Romantic YURT with BATH HOUSE

s located near the OUTHOUSE

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I was searching for a quiet place in the woods to reconnect with nature and I found it while staying for a week at the Buddha Hut. My days were filled with walks through the woods, hikes through the Catskill Mountains, and cafe treats at the Circle W, the local cafe. The host, Carin, was more than hospitable and I was very grateful for her advice and check ins. I didn’t have much experience being out in the woods but this location seemed to be the best of both worlds as it wasn’t too far away from town (about a 2 mile walk). The neighbors were incredibly friendly and a generous tour guide, sharing local knowledge of the area and giving me a “behind the scenes” hike of Kaaterskill Waterfall. I really embraced the lifestyle (even the outhouse!) and enjoyed reading in the evening while starting a fire every night (gets plenty warm, I was nice and toasty as it was still cool in May). Looking up at the night sky and seeing all the stars and constellations was incredible. Overall, the experience gave me a renewed sense of calmness and love for the outdoors. This is a must for anyone who is in search of a peaceful place away from the city. I know that I will be back! -Natasha V.

I stayed at the Buddha hut for two weeks in November. I needed a place to get away, relax, and heal, and the Buddha hut was just the thing! It's far enough away in the woods to allow for complete privacy but Carin and Mark's house is across the road. You can just see their house lights in November with the trees losing their leaves. It felt both secluded and completely safe. There is strong energy there, I think it must have been built with a lot of love and she, too, healed! I am a pianist and I also can hardly believe there was a piano in it. Carin was such a kind and warm host, always asking if there was anything she could do to make my stay more comfortable. Really, I had more than enough, with just a pot for cooking on the wood stove and a few eating utensils. It's not for people who want all the frills—I brought a bucket to use during the night instead of walking to the outhouse, and the small tap of running water isn't drinkable, but if you want to spend time being quiet, meditating, making music, writing, settling your mind, or just relaxing and re-focussing, becoming in tune to the rhythms of life, providing your own heat and food, etc. away from modern distractions, this is the place to go. It was really well-insulated and once I had the wood stove going it was plenty hot in there all night even in near-freezing temperatures (I did bring a down comforter!). I highly, highly recommend this place for people who truly want to get back to the basics of life. I'm going to come back as often as I can!!! All the best,-Heidi Schnarr



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