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After collecting windows, doors and stained glass windows and after many years of dreaming, Thoreau’s Cabin came into being with the help of my dear family and many neighbors. It’s rustic, solid, humble, honest, beautiful and dreamy. It’s also comfortable. There are no beds in the cabins so please bring your own sleeping bags.

The cabin is sited among many tall trees. One feels spacious under the blue/green canopy, glimpsing at the Catskill Mountains and can feel at home outside by the camp-fire or sheltered and snugly inside.

“To be able to do what one wants to do” is a precious gift. I feel grateful to be able to enjoy Thoreau’s Cabin and to be able to share it with many like-minded people young-at-heart.


" Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only indespensible, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind."

- Henry David Thoreau


Sept. 2008
What a wonderful time we had.  From the beautiful wildflowers to the wild turkeys with their babies in the morning.  Two does came to visit and said hello.  We found an interesting graveyard.  Best wishes to all who visit and enjoy this special site. 
-Cyn and Dania and Tao

May 2008
In my hut this spring,
There is nothing…
There is everything! - Sodo

September 20, 2008
The wall of windows and the stone countertop are wonderful touches.  But my favorite amenity has to be the outdoor shower.  We walked over there with towels draped around necks, light dappling the path through the forest canopy.  Nothing can beat a brisk, hot autumn shower. 

Saw some snowshoes in the corner behind the ladder—hoping to return in winter sometime.  Beautiful spot! 
-Dan Tucker and Kunar Patel

October 12, 2008
What a slice of heaven on earth!  We made the hike from Palenville after a morning bus ride from the City.  To our surprise, this wonderful place met every expectation—the weather was great, the solitude even greater…

Afternoon showers in the sunshine, late night hikes in the darkness, barbecued in the moonlight and crisp mornings are everything we dream about when we are not here.  Absolutely charming.-Christopher Rosales/Francoise van Kerren

August 2009
There is something about the mountains that does magic for me.  This cabin in the woods is the perfect antidote to the drudgery of the city and I will look back on it fondly.  …unleashed a yearning within me for a simple and more authentic way of life.    Thank you for the chance to experience something more primal and true.  This land is a gift. - MYL

January 2010
We are 6 cowboys from NYC who have been camping together for over a decade…needed a weekend away from the chaos of the city to embrace the tranquility of nature.

We found serenity and happiness here at Thoreau’s Cabin—we sang, played guitar, celebrated our brotherhood together and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of this beautiful place.  We hope all who stay in this cabin are blessed with the same happiness as we experienced. 
-The NYC Cowboys

September 2010
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place---our visit was short but sweet.  I hope to return for a longer visit so we can embrace the magic a bit more—a bit more deeply. -Elizabeth and Virgil

February 7, 2012
The Awakening Garden.. I don't even know where to begin! Great for hiking adventures and great for quiet weekends. There is honestly something for everyone! The whole town seems to really care about you, and everyone greets you with a smile. The trails in The Awakening Garden let you walk out of your doors and into such a quiet, still, and safe place. The cabin is so cozy, and my only distractions from the trails outside were my book and a warm fire. Nothing beat hiking around all day and coming back to cook something hearty and healthy on the woodstove, fully relaxing, and really recharging. I have a feeling that you will be seeing us again very soon!
- Nina and Josh


Thoreau's Cabin

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